3 Steps To Learning… Anything

What It Takes For You to Really "Get It"

When you’re walking on a higher Path of development each milestone along the way is another marker of learning. These markers are points where you can say to yourself with confidence –“Yes, I learned something there”.


This is the point where you just KNOW that you get it. The question is then… what does it actually take for you to “get it”? What are the KEY elements for learning anything? Of course, we are all different, and we all learn in different ways, but as it turns out when it comes to adult development, the actual process of learning is universal.

There are 3 components to the process of learning that you need to have, and just knowing what these components are will take you a long way towards attaining all the knowledge you want to learn.

3 Steps To Learning Anything

1. Theory

The first thing you need to have in order to learn anything is the theory, the cognitive frame through which you understand something. The theory is the map, and if you’re going to go someplace you don’t know, it is always helpful to have a map to get there.

At this stage, you still haven’t learned anything yet. It’s the job of the theoretical frame to show you what it is that you need to learn.

2. Practice

If the theory is the map, then practice is the territory. This is where you step out of the cognitive world and into the real world. You begin to walk the territory and explore what the theory means in your experience. This means that in one way or another, you take on a practice. You begin your practice and adhere to its parameters with discipline, persistence, and patience.

With committed repetition of the practice, you will begin to grow. You’ll learn what the theory means in your experience. Gradually, the map and the territory will begin to align as you measure your practice experience with the theory.

3. Reflection

In the 3rd and final component or learning, you step back and reflect on what just happened. You see the relationship between the map and the territory, notice where things line up and where they don’t. You reflect back on the challenges you went through, and on the challenges still ahead. You reflect back on the breakthroughs, those “Aha!” moments that made all the difference.

Learning Is A Journey

In theory and practice, the outer world begins to line up with your inner experience. But in the next crucial step of reflection, you go inside, and you express your inner truth outward in the world. You share your interior experience with others. You can do this with your guides, fellow practitioners, friends, or family. You can even do this by yourself through journaling, artistic expression, or contemplation. As equally important as theory and practice, reflection is an essential element if you want your learning to stick.

These are the 3 components of the process of learning. You start on the outside with theory. Then you go inward with practice. And as this process unfolds you then make the move outward again by engaging in reflection and sharing with others.

Your very own hero’s journey of learning.

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