How Is The Feminine Principle Expressed In Your Aikido?

The terms “masculine” & “feminine” do not refer to gender, but rather to the Yin/Yang experience of being human. This is a fundamental duality that reflects two sides of the same spiritual coin.

Aikido And The Feminine Principle

Regardless of gender, we all have access to both masculine and feminine within. We are all expressions of these types, just to different degrees. Awakening, embodying, and enacting the masculine & feminine principles in our life is a Path of practice. A Path that will lead to greater balance, integration, and Oneness.

It is useful to take these the “masculine” & “feminine” principles apart and examine them separately. Polarizing to purify the Masculine / Feminine helps understand several questions:

  • How do the masculine and feminine principles function individually?
  • Where is your personal strength, on the masculine or the feminine side of the spectrum?
  • Where is your style, school, or organization located on the masculine & feminine spectrum?
  • Where are you underdeveloped on the spectrum and how can you start to work towards balance?
  • How to work with others located at different locations on the masculine/ feminine spectrum?
  • Where am I blocked and where do I have blind spots on the spectrum?

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