The Embodiment Podcast

My good friend Mark Walsh of “Integration Training” has launched a new podcast called “The Embodiment Podcast.” Mark is a teacher and leading voice in the embodiment movement and he has been rocking it on youtube where his instructional videos on embodiment have gotten over a bizillion views. So I was happy to hear that he was moving into the podcasting space with his long overdue launching of “The Embodiment Podcast.” It was my total pleasure to be invited to be a guest one of Mark’s first episodes where dove into the challenging topic of “Returning To The Marketplace.” 

Polarity, Sex & Enlightenment

A Spontaneous Conversation w/ Miles Kessler & Mark Walsh

In our previous chat, master facilitator Mark Walsh (“The Embodiment Podcast”) and I spoke about 3 phases of our personal development, namely “retreating from the world, returning to the marketplace and expressing our practice in virtual space” – and how each one of these moves comes with its set of challenges and learning curves. In this video once again we’re off to the races as we romp through the topic of “Polarity, Sex, & Enlightenment.

Polarities, Sex, Enlightement

To Inner, To Outer, To Online

A Spontaneous Conversation With Mark Walsh, Part 1

Well, I’m back from the Dead Sea Seminar for about 10 days now, and my life is finally getting back to normal. I’m still catching up on things, but I thought I’d make a quick blog post here of a video my friend Mark Walsh from Integration Training made with me out at the Dead Sea.

Inner, Outer, Online


How Is The Feminine Principle Expressed In Your Aikido?

The terms “masculine” & “feminine” do not refer to gender, but rather to the Yin/Yang experience of being human. This is a fundamental duality that reflects two sides of the same spiritual coin. Regardless of gender, we all have access to both masculine and feminine within. We are all expressions of these types, just to different degrees. Awakening, embodying, and enacting the masculine & feminine principles in our life is a Path of practice. A Path that will lead to greater balance, integration, and Oneness.

Aikido And The Feminine Principle

10 Ways Centering In Aikido Helps You Grow

How to Embody Growth and Development in Self, with Others, and In the World

Centering in Aikido is the core transformational practice. It’s a foundational principle upon which all other Aikido principles rest. Not only is centering a linchpin practice, but it is also the principle that when developed will have the biggest impact in your life.


The Masculine & Feminine Principles In Aikido

3 Common Mistakes

From the deepest spiritual perspective, everything in the Universe is One. This perspective was certainly O Sensei’s “Lions Roar” declaration, with his awakening manifesting into the art we call Aikido. But as that Oneness divides, duality is created, and it manifests into infinite shapes and forms. The most fundamental duality is none other than Masculine and Feminine. They are universal principles.

Masculine And Feminine Principles

This is the Yin/Yang source code that appears throughout the manifest universe. Whether looking at physical or non-physical phenomena, exteriors or interiors, animate or inanimate objects, this universal source code exists in all phenomena. And just as it exists out there in all the Universe, so too does it exist inside each of us. Since this is so fundamental to our practice it can be very helpful to understand the masculine & feminine principles in Aikido.