Embodying Conflict Resolution

Dharma Bite w/ Diane Musho Hamilton & Miles Kessler

What does it mean to “embody conflict resolution”? In the below “Darma Bite” I continue the series of Dharma Discussions with Integral Facilitator & Zen Sensei Diane Musho Hamilton. In this excerpt from our discussion, we talk about conflict resolution in the field of mediation as compared to Aikido, and how they are in essence the same thing. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this short excerpt on “Embodying Conflict Resolution”.

Embodying Conflict Resolution

Diane kicks off this excerpt with a saying from Zen “A Zen master is one who unties knots and breaks down barriers.” This saying really resonates with the “spiritual warrior” aspect of Aikido. After all, one way to look at our conflict resolution practice in Aikido is the untying of knots and the breaking down of barriers.

Here are some of the points that Diane & I speak about:

  • Exploring where are we fixated while in conflict
  • The human tendency to repeat the past in conflict
  • Acting through conditioned patterns perpetuates conflict
  • Staying awake in the moment of conflict breaks fixations
  • Conflict impacts us socially, verbally, emotionally, and physically

This short “Dharma Bite” is the 1st in a series of excerpts I’ll be posting here in the near future. It’s a great start to the series Enjoy!

Question: How do you experience “Embodied Conflict Resolution”? Join the conversation by leaving your comments below!

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