Embodiment For Mindfulness & A.C.T. FacilitatorsMiles Kessler

Join Miles Kessler for this special 3-day training for teachers, trainers, & therapists who are working in the fields of mindfulness & A.C.T. facilitation.

  • Day One (04/27): “Working With Your Inner Resistance & Shadow”
  • Day Two (04/28): “Embodying Your Facilitation”
Date: April 27, 2019—April 28, 2019
Time: 10:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Event: Embodiment For Mindfulness & A.C.T. Facilitators
Sponsor: See True Mindfulness
Location: Den Bosch, Netherlands
Public: Public

Bucharest, Romania | Aikido Seminar w/ Miles Kessler, 6th dan AikikaiMiles Kessler Bucharest, Romania

Date: February 2, 2019—February 3, 2019
Event: Aikido Seminar w/ Miles Kessler, 6th dan Aikikai
Topic: Aikido Seminar
Sponsor: Bogdan Banculescu
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Public: Public
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Tel Aviv, Israel – Aikido Friendship Seminar w/ Thorsten Schoo (6th Dan) and Miles Kessler (6th Dan)

Friendship Seminar 2019 -Thorsten Schoo & Miles Kessler

Date: January 11, 2019—January 12, 2019
Event: Aikido Friendship Seminar w/ Thorsten Schoo (6th dan) & Miles Kessler (6th dan)
Topic: Friendship Seminar
Sponsor: The Integral Dojo
+972 3 562 4164
Venue: The Integral Dojo
+972 3 562 4164
Location: Ha'achim Mislavita 7
Tel Aviv, Israel 67010
Public: Public
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The Union Of Meditation & Aikido

Dharma Bite w/ Dr. Ginny Whitelaw & Miles Kessler

Do you meditate or practice mindfulness? Do you also have a physical practice, like Aikido, yoga, dance, bodywork, sports, or art? Now here’s the big question… do your meditation practice and your physical practice come together for you? Or, like most people, are these two parallel paths for you? Two paths completely related, but not completely coming together. In this blog post, my special guest and I take a look at the Union Of Meditation & Aikido.”

The Union Of Meditation & Aikido

Mindfulness, Attachment, & Inner Peace

Dharma Bite w/ Stephen Fulder & Miles Kessler

How attached are you to things in your life? How much “inner peace” do you have in your life? Have you ever considered that there is a correlation between attachment and inner peace? It is an eternal fact that the more attachment you have, the less inner peace you will find. And conversely, the less attachment you have, the more inner peace. In this post, fellow meditation teacher Stephen Fuder and I look at the relationship between “Mindfulness, Attachment, & Inner Peace.”

Getting To The Essence Of Aikido | A Community Call

Thorsten Schoo, Patrick Cassidy, & Miles Kessler

“What is Aikido?” Now there’s a question that should make you think. How can you answer this question in a completely authentic way, that is not based on something that you heard or read about? Is it possible to hold this question in a way that will help you in getting to the essence of Aikido?

Thorsten Schoo, Patrick Cassidy, & Miles Kessler