Polarities, Sex & Enlightenment

A Spontaneous Conversation With Mark Walsh, Part 2

In our previous chat, master facilitator Mark Walsh and I spoke about 3 phases of our personal development, namely “retreating from the world, returning to the marketplace and expressing our practice in virtual space” – and how each one of these moves comes with its set of challenges and learning curves.

Polarities, Sex, Enlightement

In this video once again we’re off to the races as we romp through the topic of Polarity – exploring what is duality and non-duality, yin/yang, masculine/ feminine, what is polarization, opening up to the spectrum, relationships, sexuality and how a committed practice eventually leads to fully embodying the fundamental polarities in Self, with Others, and in the World.

This video is one of several teasers that Mark put out running up to the launch of his new online course called “Beauty Blackbelt – Attraction Beyond Conformity.”

I highly recommend you check out this cutting edge course that Mark has put together with his lovely wife, Daria. You’ll find his material incredibly powerful and applicable to many areas of your life, especially to your relationships with the ones you love.

In addition to the great content of the course, Mark has also put together an awesome team of guest teachers (including yours truly). You won’t find this stuff anywhere else.

Enjoy the video and leave your comments below!

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