The Wisdom Of Awareness, Tolerance & Allowing

Dharma Bite w/ Stephen Fulder and Miles Kessler

I have recently been conducting a series of “Dharma Discussions” with several of my friends who are meditation teachers. These discussions are exclusively for our current “Meditation For Aikido” course participants. However….

…these discussions are so good that I’ve decided to take some “bite-sized” excerpts and share them with my blog readers. I’m calling them “Dharma Bites” and here is the first many more to come.

“The Wisdom Of Awareness, Tolerance & Allowing.”

In this first “Dharma Bite” I’m talking with meditation teacher Stephen Fulder. Stephen tells a nice little story about “dependent origination.” When we practice mindfulness, it gives us the ability to increasingly see into the cause of our suffering. It is this very seeing that will ultimately transform suffering into wisdom.

For more on Stephen and his Dharma work and many teachings please go to:

Question: In what ways does awareness and mindfulness practice help you transform your life’s challenges into wisdom? Please write your comments below!

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  • Helene Hila Gozani

    I could not for the life of me figure out who the strange guy with the round glasses was… (It took me a few minutes to figure that one out☺).

    Kudos on your new website Miles. I look forward to more “Dharma Bites”.

    • Miles Kessler

      Thanks Helene, More Dharma Bites on the way!