Path Coaching Program

The Path

If you are reading this then there is a very good chance that you have made one of the most heroic decisions that one can make in life. To commit to walking a developmental Path towards your very own potential.

Committing to a Path is perhaps the greatest challenge you will face in this life. So, if you have already, or are considering a commitment to to life-long journey of personal growth, and spiritual realization, then this letter is for you…

What is “PATH”?

The word “PATH” has been used in the human wisdom traditions throughout history. This does not refer to an ordinary path, but rather a higher Path of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual discipline. Traditionally, when walking a “Path” of practice one would enter into a relationship with a guide. Such guides who had previously walked the “Path” are there to both challenge and support you along the way. These include:

  • Shaman
  • Roshi
  • Sensei
  • Master
  • Mentor
  • Therapist

The role of these guides is to help you navigate through the challenges that are sure to arise in the process. They are there to support you through the pitfalls, the backslides, the challenges, the inevitable trials, as well as those moments of opening to a greater reality of being.

Here are four reasons why we all need guides on our Paths:

  1. Help you to re-frame your challenges – Having already walked the Path, a guide is fully aware of the challenges you will face. They know the importance of these challenges as developmental doorways that must be passed through. A guide will help you to re-frame the challenges you face and coach you through them.
  2. Give you support when you feel there is none – Although there are many guides who have previously walked the Path, no one person can take the steps for you. Because of this, there are times when you will feel very lonely. A qualified guide is always there to remind you that even though you do not see it, a timeless lineage of heroic men and women are silently supporting you towards becoming who you were meant to be.    
  3. They know the territory – The Path towards your potential is thoroughly know. Men and women throughout millennia have walked this Path before you. A qualified guide will be able to give you the precise support, and appropriate practices that you need for each stage of the journey.
  4. Guides are a living example of your very own potential – A guide is an embodied manifestation of your future potential… and in a sense, they have come to meet you in the present to reflect back to you, who you truly are. Always reflecting that you can do it.

There are indeed some cases where a guide is not needed. But overcoming the limitations of the self, and growing into your potential can seem overwhelming at times – all the challenges.. all the pitfalls.. all the backslides. And you… ALONE like a babe in the woods.

“Miles Kessler is a rare kind of teacher. He has cultivated deep meditative discipline, he is a fully embodied Aikido master, and most importantly, his heart is wide open. You can’t help but grow in his company.”

Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei
Author of ‘Everything Is Workable – A Zen Guide To Conflict Resolution’

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The Precious Gift Of A Guide

Helping Hand

When I was 25 years old I set out on a 30-year path that had lead me from my home back in Texas, through 8 years in Japan, 3 years meditating in Burma and Nepal, and the return Path to the market place living for the past 10 years here in Israel. Throughout my journey, I’ve had the privilege to study and work with masters who have guided me through along my Path.

I’ve entered deep relationships with teachers, coaches, Rabbis, Priests, Senseis, Sifus, Roshis, Sayadaws, Gurus, Pandits, Therapists, Shamans, body workers, mentors and master facilitators… who have guided, and continue to guide me in my own evolutionary journey on the Path.

Guides like my core Aikido Sensei Morihiro Saito Sensei, who taught me how the basic foundation of the art completely determines the structure of development, and the value of a didactic approach to learning. Also, Christian Tissier and Bob Nadeau of Aikido who taught me how to “learn the rules like a pro, so you can break the rules like and artist.” Peter Ralston of Ching Shin who taught me how to create ability, teach the principles and awaken ability in others. Peter’s Consciousness Intensives were a powerful catalyst for me and I am always grateful to him for this transformational experience.

Sayadaws U Pandita and U Vivekananda in Vipassana meditation who taught me the difference between martial protection and spiritual protection and how to purify the mind. They guided me in seeing the Dhamma, and in profoundly training the mind in Path and Fruition consciousness. But most importantly, they showed me that it is possible “to do what needs to be done”, in this very life.

Ken Wilber of Integral theory who blew my mind by showing me how it all fits together. He showed me how my fascination of maps can be applied to all of the Kosmos, and taught me the liberating relief that “everyone has a piece of the truth. And that all truths are partial.”

The American Zen teacher Genpo Roshi who taught me the “Big Mind” process and helped me understand the power of perspective taking. His profound injunction follows me everywhere I go in life; “if we cannot relate to something within our own hearts and minds, then we will never be able to relate to those very things out there in the world”.

Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei who taught me the spiritual skill of facilitation, that when you recognize someone you strengthen them, the gift of praise, and the power of facing things you just don’t want to face. And with total grace, she showed me again and again that everything we want is waiting for us on the other side of a very difficult conversation.

Even though I have been teaching, guiding and supporting hundreds of individuals on their personal paths for over 30 years, I still consider myself first, and foremost, a student on the Path.

It is inspiring for me to work with students and I see them face their challenges with courage and commitment as they strive to answer the simple question: Who am I, and how am I meant to live?

This is why I created the Path Coaching Program.

“You didn’t come here to make the choice… you’ve already made it. You’re here to try to understand why you made the choice.”

– The Oracle To Neo
from The Matrix

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Benefits Of Path Coaching

Path Coaching will empower your practice by providing the following benefits:

  • Evaluate your developmental address
  • Determine the best practices for your current stage
  • Create skill in navigating the ups and downs of the Path of practice
  • Avoid the common pitfalls of the Path
  • Transforming temporary states into permanent traits
  • Uncover, release, and integrate your “shadow” issues that hold you back in life.
“Miles’ spiritual insight, understanding of the Integral perspective, and embodiment of the principles of Aikido make him an incredible facilitator and teacher. His unique capacity to share directly with others is an inspiring vision of human transformation.”

–Patrick Cassidy Sensei, 6th Dan
Aikido Sensei, Meditation Teacher, Conscious Conflict Resolution Facilitator

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What’s Inside The Path Coaching Program…

I’ve made sure to include everything you could possibly need along the way to ensure that your practice has the best effect in your life. When you sign up to my Path Coaching Program you will get:

  • Your Developmental Assessment & Best Practices Selection
  • Weekly Practice Plan
  • Weekly Private Coaching Session
  • Weekly Practice Worksheets
  • Access To My Exclusive Training Material & Online Courses
  • Book recommendations

This is everything you need to get on – and stay on the Path of Practice!

“Miles’ teaching resonates with clarity and truth. You get a sense that his mind, heart, and body are all in alignment as he speaks. His sincerity and humility make what he offers even more accessible and valuable.”

Linda Holiday Sensei, 6th Dan
Author of “Journey to the Heart of Aikido: The Teachings of Motomichi Anno Sensei “

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