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Everything Is Workable


Diane Musho Hamilton

Diane Musho Hamilton is a good friend of mine. She is a gifted Zen teacher, master facilitator, and professional mediator. In her first book, Diane brings a Zen approach to conflict resolution. You will learn from her to work with your personal “conflict style,” discover the creativity that lies at the core of all conflict, and the 3-fold practice of showing up, listening and witnessing. Diane is just great, and this book will introduce you to the art of conflict, and how to work with it in all aspects of your life.

The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram


Sandra Maitri

One of the most interesting and exciting aspects of any Integral practice is the transformational practice of personality types. Several systems deal with types but none of them compare with the enneagram.

The Enneagram is an amazingly accurate system for understanding personality types, how they functions, and the healthy and potentially unhealthy (“shadow”) attributes of each type. In this book, Sandra Maitri takes the teaching of the Enneagram system one level deeper by revealing the spiritual dimension that is at the core of each type. This book is a beautiful lens from which you can understand yourself, and who you are destined to become.



Seth Godin

Do you know deep down that we are all destined for better things? Are you frustrated that no one is taking lead? Now that the internet has given everyone the ability to bring their message to millions of people all over the world, today it’s easier than ever to build and lead your own tribe. Seth Godin’s book “Tribes” calls you to step up become the leader we all need, because if you won’t lead us, who will?

The Art Of Peace


Morihei Ueshiba

This beautiful little handbook contains the inspirational teachings of Morihei Ueshiba, O’ Sensei himself. Each of its 112 short verses describes O’ Sensei’s perspective of the real way of the spiritual warrior. If you seek to explore the greater meaning of Aikido, and what it means in your life, then this book will give you a deep dive into the enlightened mind of the founder of the art.

Tribal Leadership


Dave Logan & John King

If you are a leader of an organization or a group, this book is required reading. Dave Logan and John King will show you that the strength and success - or weakness and failure - of a company is completely dependent on its organizational culture and how people organize into “tribes”. This groundbreaking achievement is a result of an extensive eight-year study of around 24,000 people in 24 corporations around the world. If you want your organization to be an agent of change, or if you’re having a hard time managing your organization altogether, this book is for you!

In This Very Life


Sayadaw U. Pandita & Kate Wheeler

As you might know, Sayadaw U Pandita was my meditation teacher. His book is hands down the best guide for anyone who is interested in doing extended Vipassana meditation retreats. It is safe to say that no other teacher has impacted the establishment of the Dharma in the West as much as the late Burmese meditation master Sayadaw U Pandita.

A highly skilled Dharma and meditation teacher for over 60 years, U Pandita guided thousands of yogis through the Progress Of Insight, including many of the top Western meditation teachers such as Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Ram Das, Daniel Goldman, Sharon Salzberg, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Sam Harris. You won’t find a better guide for your practice.

This book is suited for beginners, for advanced practitioners, and for anyone who aspires to realize the Dharma in this very life!

Integral Spirituality


Ken Wilber

Aptly referred to as the “Einstein of consciousness”, Ken Wilber is perhaps the most significant philosopher of our times. He is the mapmaker that has synthesized all of the human wisdom traditions into his famous Integral Model, which applies to every aspect of life. Integral Spirituality illuminates the promise and potential of the spiritual path like never before. Through “multiple perspective taking” you will gain a powerful map of the classical path of spiritual states and the skill-sets you need to reach higher and higher stages of spiritual development.

Tao Te Ching


Lao Tzu

When it comes to sacred books, there is no greater gift to humanity than the Tao Te Ching. This book is a timeless classic that penetrates deeply into the heart of things, no matter the time, the place or the circumstances. I believe everyone should have a copy on their shelf, period.

A Path With Heart


Jack Kornfield

If you are looking for a guide to meditation and spirituality then you need to look no further than Jack Kornfield’s classic “A Path With Heart.” Part inspiration, part practical instruction, Kornfield leads you through a journey of the heart and mind. He gives clear and in-depth instructions on how to meditate, explains the challenges you can expect on your journey, and always keeps the goal of the path in clear and luminous vision. “A Path With Heart” is the best book to get you started on the path, to keep you going, and to “translate the inner gold back into your life”.

Eyes Wide Open


Mariana Caplan

In “Eyes Wide Open” Mariana Caplan has created a first of its kind “field guide” for walking a spiritual path. She has laid out a post-modern map of the major interior spaces you need to consider on your path - cultural, psychological, tantric, and shadow work. She also writes on the critical issue of what it means to be in a relationship with a spiritual teacher in a postmodern world. For anyone interested in cultivating wisdom, orientation and clarity on the spiritual path, “Eyes Wide Open” is essential reading.

Swallowing the River Ganges: A Practice Guide to the Path of Purification

Swallowing the River Ganges

Matthew Flickstein

An invaluable roadmap for anyone who meditates, Swallowing the River Ganges is a comprehensive practice guide to the "great treatise" of Theravadan Buddhism, the "path of purification" (Visuddhimagga). Written in the fifth century, this encyclopedic manual of Buddhist doctrine and meditation organizes the various teachings of the Buddha into one clear path. Step by step, this meditation course guides readers through the seven stages of purification, explaining the teachings and putting them into a modern context.



Richard Strozzi Heckler

What happens when you take highly trained soldiers from the special forces and teach them to be self-aware through meditation, aikido, and self-reflection? Will they still be “good soldiers,” or will their newly discovered autonomy “ruin” their soldiering for good? Richard Strozzi-Heckler Sensei take you through the process with his personal journal as a member of the teaching team that lead a top secret project called “The Trojan Warrior Project.”

Radical Responsibility: How to Move Beyond Blame, Fearlessly Live Your Highest Purpose, and Become an Unstoppable Force for Good

Radical Responsibility

Fleet Maull, PhD

In his new book, Fleet Maull writes about “Radical Responsibility” and “How To Move Beyond Blame, Fearlessly Live Your Highest Purpose, and Become an Unstoppable Force for Good”. Fleet teaches that taking radical responsibility is the fundamental practice that gives one’s life meaning. This book is especially for those who aspire to be agents of change, through self-responsibility. Because before you can have an impact in the world you must “pull yourself up by the spiritual bootstraps” by taking radical responsibility.

Insight Meditation: The Practice of Freedom

Insight Meditation

Joseph Goldstein

A pioneer of Buddhist meditation and mindfulness practice in the west, it is not an understatement to say that Joseph Goldstein has catalyzed several generations of meditators in the west. “Insight Meditation: The Practice Of Freedom” is one of Joseph’s early books that covers topics as basic as why and how we practice, the Buddhist teachings of “Non-Self” and “Karma, the Psychology of the Dharma, and the ultimate practice of how we bring our awakening into to the world. I wholeheartedly recommend “Insight Meditation: A Practice Of Freedom” to anyone who has a serious calling to awaken.

The Experience of Insight: A Simple and Direct Guide to Buddhist Meditation

The Experience of Insight

Joseph Goldstein

Though having only met him briefly, I feel that I have spent many a sitting hours with Joseph Goldstein through the wisdom he shares in his books. A companion early on my path his books have guided me through my "kick-start" years with daily practice and his inspiration took me further into the depths of meditation on intensive vipassana retreats. His inspiration encouraged me on the "path lass traveled" and has indeed, made all the difference.