Aikido & The Power Of Choice

Aikido & The Evolution Of Response - Video Series

“Aikido & The Power Of Choice” is the 3rd video in my teaching series on “Aikido & The Evolution Of Response”, my developmental system for having greater awareness, connection, and creativity in the midst of stress and conflict. Be sure two previous videos on “Aikido & The Survival Instinct”, and “Aikido & The Practice Of Delayed Gratification” if you haven’t seen them yet.

Aikido & The Power Of Choice

Aikido & The Practice Of Delayed Gratification

Facebook Live Replay w/ Miles Kessler

I recently did a Facebook Live broadcast as part of my teaching series on “Aikido & The Evolution Of Response”. This facebook live segment was a supplement teaching to my previous blog post on “Aikido & The Survival Instinct.” In that video, I mentioned several practices for working with, overcoming, and integrating your basic fight, flight, freeze instinct. In this 2nd video in the series I lay out one of the key fulcrum practices at this stage – none other than “Aikido & The Practice Of Delayed Gratification.”

Aikido & The Practice Of Delayed Gratification

Aikido & The Survival Instinct

Aikido & The Evolution Of Response Series

I’m starting a new video series for the Integral Dojo audience called “Aikido & The Evolution Of Response.” In this 6-part video series, I’ll be teaching you the stages of vertical learning that come from a developmental system I’ve created called the “Evolution Of Response.” I’m kicking off this series with a teaching about your basic “hard-wired” intelligence, and how it relates to stress and conflict. This 1st video is called “Aikido & The Survival Instinct.” 

The Dharma Of Aikido

Community Call w/ Patrick Cassidy & Miles Kessler

On Feb. 25th, 2018 the Integral Dojo hosted a Community Call w/ Miles Kessler and Patrick Cassidy on our on-going “Aiki-Discussion” of the topic of “The Dharma Of Aikido.” In this 1st of 2 community calls, Miles, Patrick, and the “Aikido At The Leading Edge” global sangha discussed many aspects of Aikido as a martial art and Aikido as a spiritual Path.

“The Spiritual Dimensions Of Aikido” w/ Miles Kessler
For more details, and to reserve your space, please contact Urs Jose Zuber at – +49 79 760 95 10

Date: July 1, 2018
Time: 10:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Event: Integral Aikido Day-Seminar
Topic: The Spiritual Dimensions Of Aikido
Sponsor: Tenchikan
Urs Jose Zuber at - +49 79 760 95 10
Venue: Tenchi Kan
Location: Solotun
Public: Public

The Secular Buddhist

Podcast Episode Featuring Miles Kessler

Last November I was interviewed by Ted Meissner for an episode of “The Secular Buddhist” podcast. This is the official podcast for the “Secular Buddhist Association”, which describes themselves as “a natural, pragmatic approach to early Buddhist teachings and practice”. Within their secular and pragmatic approach, I saw a lot of parallels with the trans-lineage approach I bring to the Integral Dojo.