The Buddha’s Advice – Interview w/ Miles Kessler

Edgar Ortega Radio Show

Last week I published a blog post on “The Buddha’s Advice To An Aikido Sensei” which covers the teaching of the 5 Qualities Of A Spiritually Mature Teacher. I got a lot of great feedback on the post and it seems to have struck a chord in the greater aikido community.

Interview w/ Miles Kessler

In this follow up post I’m sharing an interview that I did on this topic w/ Edgar Ortega of The Edgar Ortega Radio Show. This was the 2nd time I was interviewed by Edgar (See Aikido At The Leading Edge) and I always enjoy our Aiki-Discussions.

One of the things Edgar asked me in the interview was if I had written this blog post with teachers in mind, or with students in mind. Well, the answer is neither, and both. “Neither” because it wasn’t my intention to single out any individual teacher’s behavior. Personally, I see Aikido as a higher path of practice that can lead you forward towards your greater spiritual potential as a human being. These 5 qualities of a mature teacher from the Buddha reflect that potential in all of us.

And “both” because regardless of whether you are a teacher or student, you are first and foremost a “learner.” These 5 qualities of a mature teacher from the Buddha are 5 clear and simple guidelines, yet they can be quite a challenge to practice. But if you approach these guidelines with care and commitment, then they will keep you moving forward on the path of learning.

In my discussion with Edgar I elaborated on these 5 qualities of a spiritually mature teacher:

  1. A Mature Teacher Is Lovable

  2. A Mature Teacher Is Worthy Of Your Love
  3. A Mature Teacher Is Deeply Experienced In Practice & Theory

  4. A Mature Teacher Has The Ability To Say Difficult Things
  5. A Mature Teacher Is Motivated Solely For Benefit Of The Students

Our discussion lasted for almost 1 full hour and you can listen by clicking on the video below.

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