Getting The Other’s World Through Aikido

Facebook Live Replay w/ Miles Kessler

How good are you at taking the perspective of others in the middle of a conflict? Is it even something you consider important? After all, isn’t it basic human nature to protect your own point of view (not to mention your own body)? How does your basic survival instinct stack up with the higher intention of Aikido? Is Aikido’s central principle of “awase” (blending with another) still important to you when the chips are down and the conflict is on? What does “Getting The Other’s World Through Aikido” actually mean? Do you even care?

Getting The Other's World Through Aikido

If you are interested in developing your Aikido skill to exceptional levels then getting the other’s world is something you should be practicing. This is a relatively high-level skill that is not taught in many martial arts, and unfortunately, in some cases, it’s not even taught in Aikido.

 Here are some of the basic requirements to get the other’s world through Aikido:

It only takes a little consideration to see that all the above skills are completely counter-intuitive in the midst of a conflict. And when it comes to developing these skills, Aikido is an exceptional practice.

This is especially so if you practice Aikido to develop “life skills”… those skills you consciously take off the mat in order to positively impact your life. Getting the other’s world is an essential skill for healthy interpersonal relations, especially when it comes to the resolution of conflict.

As part of my on-going blog series on “Aikido & The Evolution Of Response”, I recently did a Facebook Live broadcast on this very topic of “Getting The Other’s World Through Aikido.”

Here are some of the points I covered in the Facebook Live:

  • Why is getting the other’s world through Aikido important?
  • What does it mean to get the other “from their inside”?
  • What are the subjective, objective, & inter-subjective perspectives in Aikido?
  • How do you energetically shift to the inside of the uke/ nage relationship?
  • How do you apply “ki musubi” (the tieing of energy with another) in Aikido?
  • What does it mean to take “awase” (blending with another) to it’s furthest exploration?

For a more in-depth look at this topic, check out the video below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic so be sure to leave any comments or questions on the below video.


Question: How do your “get the other’s world in your Aikido practice? Watch the above Facebook Live replay and join the conversation by leaving your comments below!


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