Dharma As Your True Nature

Diane Musho Hamilton & Miles Kessler

Last Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018, it was my pleasure to host Diane Musho Hamilton for the first of 3 community calls on “Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict.” We were joined by some 40 members of the global sangha for an exploration of “Dharma As Your True Nature.”

Dharma As Your True Nature

Diane and I have been engaging in “Dharma Discussions” since we first met in 2006 and for me there is never an end to the richness of our exploration. In this community call we specifically looked at the Dharma’s roll in relation to conflict. Here are some of the things we explore in this call on “Dharma As Your True Nature”:

  • Answering the call to the Dharma
  • What is the Dharma’s roll in conflict
  • How is Dharma practice central to our lives
  • Conflict resolution as a central part of our work
  • What is “Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict”

You are invited to join us by watching the community call replay below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic so be sure to leave any comments or questions on the below video.


Question: How do you see Dharma as your true nature? And how does that relate to conflict for you? Join the conversation by leaving your comments below!

Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict – 3 FREE Community Calls

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In the following 2 Community Calls Diane and I will explore these topics:

  • 2nd Community Call: Tuesday, May 1st – “Our Evolutionary Potential” 
  • 3rd Community Call: Tuesday, June 5th – “The Path Of Embracing Conflict”

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Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict

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