The Dharma Of Aikido

Community Call w/ Patrick Cassidy & Miles Kessler

On Feb. 25th, 2018 the Integral Dojo hosted a Community Call w/ Miles Kessler and Patrick Cassidy on our on-going “Aiki-Discussion” of the topic of “The Dharma Of Aikido.” In this 1st of 2 community calls, Miles, Patrick, and the “Aikido At The Leading Edge” global sangha discussed many aspects of Aikido as a martial art and Aikido as a spiritual Path.

Some of the points the came up in this wide-ranging “Aiki-discussion” are:

  • The meaning of “Dharma” as ultimate reality
  • What is Aikido’s Dharma?
  • What is Aikido as a spiritual path?
  • How to work with the ego’s tendency towards “zero-sum” results in conflict?
  • The difference between pressure testing technique vs. pressure testing the self
  • Is Aikido’s transformational potential being lost?

Part two in this 2-part series is on the topic of  “Aikido & Non-Duality” and you can go here to watch. In this first part in the series Patrick & I explore “The Dharma Of Aikido”.

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