Embracing Conflict As Path

Diane Musho Hamilton & Miles Kessler

What is your relationship to conflict? Is it something you prefer to avoid? Or do you like to lean into a good fight? Recently, Diane Musho Hamilton and I held our 3rd Community Call in our “Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict” 3-part series. In this call, together with the global sangha, Diane & I dove into this very topic as we explored “Embracing Conflict As Path.”

In the below replay Diane & I engaged in another rich “Dharma Discussion” that drew deeply from our life experiences and influences of  Integral Theory, Dharma practice, Conflict Resolution, and Aikido.

In our first call in this 3-part series, we focused on Dharma. In our second call, we turned our attention to evolutionary perspectives on conflict. In this 3rd call, we focus on conflict itself as a Path of practice.

Here are some of the things we explore in this call on “Embracing Conflict As Path”:

  • What is the correct relationship to conflict
  • The 3 basic conflict styles
  • Knowing your own conflict style
  • Zero-sum conflicts vs. positive sum conflicts
  • Working with the “Aikido Koan”

You are invited to join us by watching the community call replay below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic so be sure to leave any comments or questions on the below video.


Question: What does “Embracing Conflict As Path” mean for you? Join the conversation by leaving your comments below!

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Diane Musho Hamilton & Miles Kessler

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