Relating As One Living System

Dharma Bite w/ Diane Musho Hamilton & Miles Kessler

How do you see the relationship between unity and diversity? For millennia spiritual traditions have pointed to the spiritual truth that we are all One. Yet, we live in a world of diversity. A diversity which most of us celebrate as a rich tapestry of humanity. It is at this very junction of unity and diversity that Diane Musho Hamilton & I continue our “Dharma Bite” series on “Relating As One Living System.”

Relating As One Living System

Zen Sensei & Integral Facilitator Diane Musho Hamilton and I are both long-time Dharma practitioners. We often share “Dharma Discussions” on the interplay between the relative and the absolute. On how diversity collapses into unity, and how unity is expressed in diversity. You could even say this is very exploration which informs not only our personal practice but our professional work as well.

We explore this very theme in this excerpt from a longer Dharma Discussion we did on “Capacity & Competency.” Here are some of the points we cover in this Dharma Bite:

  • The junction where simplicity and complexity meet
  • Listening as an essential practice
  • Yield as a core practice for both mediation and Aikido
  • Having the willingness to feel what you don’t want to feel

Question: How do you relate to diversity and unity in your work, your practice, or your life? Join the conversation by leaving your comments below!

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