Getting To The Essence Of Aikido | A Community Call

Thorsten Schoo, Patrick Cassidy, & Miles Kessler

“What is Aikido?” Now there’s a question that should make you think. How can you answer this question in a completely authentic way, that is not based on something that you heard or read about? Is it possible to hold this question in a way that will help you in getting to the essence of Aikido?

Thorsten Schoo, Patrick Cassidy, & Miles Kessler

When asked the question “what is Aikido?” you probably give some of the standard answers like “blending with the attacker’s energy”, or “the embodiment of conflict resolution”, or “a peaceful martial art.”

But if you take away everything you ever heard, or read about Aikido and then ask the question… what comes up for you?

Getting To The Essence Of Aikido

This is exactly the inquiry I shared with two other inspiring Aikido teachers, Thorsten Schoo Sensei (6th dan), and Patrick Cassidy Sensei (6th dan), in a recent Integral Dojo Community Call.

In the below replay of our 2nd of 2 discussions, we explore the questions “What can we take remove from the art of Aikido, and still have Aikido. Can we take away the Japanese culture, and still have Aikido? What about the styles, the ranks, the etiquette, etc.? If we take away these things will it still be Aikido?

In other words, which is more important in Aikido, the universal principles, or the relative forms?

It was this very question that had a significant impact on the way each one of us practiced, taught, and expressed Aikido. In fact, you could say when we eventually allowed ourselves to ask this open-ended question… it made all the difference in our Aikido.

I invite you to watch the Community Call replay below and join Thorsten, Patrick and I in this inquiry.

Community Call Replay

Question: What is Aikido for you? What can you take away from Aikido, and what is essential for Aikido?  Watch the Community Call replay above and leave your comments below!

AIKIDO SESSIONS 2018 – w/ Thorsten Schoo, Patrick Cassidy, & Miles Kessler
Frankfurt, Germany – Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, 2018
Thorsten Schoo, Patrick Cassidy, & Miles Kessler


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